Restore KY 234

Restore KY 234 is a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet project to reconstruct KY 234/Cemetery Road in Warren County, from near Roger Porter Road to just past Fountain Trace Drive.

This project will enhance safety along the corridor by:

Widening lanes & lane shoulders

Increasing site visibility

Adding turn lanes


The growth of residential developments along KY 234/Cemetery Road in the past decades has resulted in increased traffic and a rise in crashes in the area.

Crash data from 2017 to 2022 showed 50 crashes on KY 234 between Roger Porter Road and Fountain Trace Drive. Twenty-five percent of those crashes resulted in injuries. 

The proposed Restore KY 234 project is designed to help reduce crashes by widening lanes and shoulders, improving site lines and adding new turn lanes.

Road Work

The current roadway has two nine-foot-wide lanes with limited shoulder space, severe drop-offs and poor sightlines that pose potential risks for motorists. The proposed, reconstructed roadway will have two 11-foot-wide lanes, each with five-foot shoulders. Wider lanes and shoulders will reduce the single vehicle, sideswipe and rear-end crashes that are common along the corridor.

The proposed, reconstructed roadway will include three new turn lanes – one at Barrington Drive, one at Drakesborough Drive and one at Fountain Trace Drive  – to allow for motorists to pass vehicles that are slowing down to turn onto those roads. This will reduce conflict points and rear-end collisions at the Barrington and Drakesborough intersections.

The project is funded by state funding, and construction is expected to begin in 2027.

Project Maps


The below maps are renderings of the preferred, northern alignment for Restore KY 234. Click on each map to view the full size.


The project is currently in the design and environmental stage. Construction funding is not expected to be available until Fiscal Year 2027.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The project is designed to enhance safety along the KY 234/Cemetery Road corridor. Crash data from 2017 to 2022 showed 50 crashes, a quarter of which resulted in injuries. Narrow lanes, poor sightlines and limited shoulders with severe drop-offs pose potential safety risks for motorists. 

The road reconstruction will enhance safety by widening lanes and shoulders, increasing site visibility and adding new turn lanes at Barrington Drive and at Drakesborough Drive.

The reconstructed roadway will use some of the existing KY 234; however, a new alignment will be necessary in some areas.

The project team has developed two alternative routes for reconstructing this section of KY 234/Cemetery Road. A public meeting will be held August 29, 2023 to allow the public to review the alternatives, meet with the project team and provide feedback.

Additional right-of-way is expected to be required for the project, but KYTC is committed to minimizing impacts to property owners. Property owners who will be affected by the road reconstruction will be contacted by the project team once a new route is selected.

KYTC will examine and consider several factors before ultimately selecting one of the two route alternatives. Those factors include right-of-way, cost, utility, environmental, structural impacts and public comments.

No, the reconstructed roadway will avoid Burton Memorial Church, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Project documents

Public Meeting (August 2023)

A public meeting for Restore KY 234 was held Tuesday August 29, 2023 at Cumberland Trace Elementary School. Two alternatives were presented for reconstructing KY 234 near Roger Porter Drive to just past Fountain Trace Drive. Below are the documents that were distributed at the public meeting. 

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